Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Hangar Day 6, Part One

We spent the day with some of the men and women from the base today. We covered three countries: Germany, Luxembourg, and France. Such world travelers! We drove a little over an hour to Metz, France to go to an antique market at the expo.

There were two buildings of stuff. Some was very interesting, some was unexplainable.

We were allowed to take a photo of this time traveler. Her husband was with her, and they were both darling.

Everyone was supremely bored at the antique market, but me. Poor kids.

After the market, we drove into Metz.

It is a pretty town with a canal running through it.

And we visited Metz Cathedral.

The stained glass is amazing.

And some was designed by Marc Chagall.

We found an outdoor cafe to our liking, there were many to choose. Bridget, Priscilla and Sheila, flirting with the waiter.

May May with Cheryl. The menu was in french, so we did the best interpretation that we could and ordered accordingly.

Karen, Marciala, and Whitney.

French salt and pepper. Exciting, right?

I had baked camembert. Interesting that they serve it with boiled potato. It was so good!

A bit of a walk around the city, a little shopping, some beignets, and off to Day 6, part two.....

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