Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hangar Day 1

Loaded in the van, heading to the airport Sunday afternoon.

Aaron jumped in the car to come over and pray for us before we left.

On Air France, they gave us the special group check in.

This room belongs to the quartermaster. She is in charge of all materials that we brought in to work on the rooms. If we want it, she doles it out to us.

This room in the basement is getting turned into a kid's playroom. The walls, the floor and the ceiling are cement. We are going to paint the ceiling, it has not been painted yet, so Kathy put a coat of tiefen grunde (some kind of sealer that is the consistency of water, and it dripped all over her) on the ceiling. Deb is taking apart a bench so we can recover the seats.

Deep into discussion on the merits of an existing bookshelf.

This is the bedroom we are working in. First step: removing wallpaper.

Karen scraping.

Bridget scraping. Lots os scraping going on!

Tami and Deb washed the kid's room, walls and ceiling.

After dinner as we walked a bit outside in an effort to stay awake until bedtime, we saw this little message from God. Was the other end of the rainbow in Canton, Michigan?

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