Friday, August 27, 2010

The Hangar Day 5

Today was our day off. Yippee! The rooms were so close to being done that we felt good heading out for sightseeing. We drove over to the Rhein River and hopped a water shuttle to the other side of the river to Rudesheim.

First priority, getting Euros from the bank. Second priority, eating bratwurst. The Germans do not have it figured out, it seems.

Very quaint shopping area.

Yes, we added to the local economy as best we could. Here we are on the boat that will take us cruising the Rhein. We rode for about two hours from Rudesheim to Sankt Goar.

We had sunshine. We had clouds. We had liquid sunshine. And a bit of thunder and lightening.
Every little village had a gorgeous church.

And we saw castles, castles and more castles.

When we landed at Sankt Goar, we had apple strudel. What good is a trip to Germany without apple strudel???

Except Tami. She had a bratwurst. It was scored in a crisscross pattern and quite lovely.

After our day off, we came back to The Hangar to beautify the kid's room. The final touches are always the best part!

Stella got a hat.

Stella's beautiful self.

Dawn hanging the final curtain in the God Be in My Head room.

Final pics to follow.

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