Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Note from Sheila

We have been back home one month and it has been fun to talk about our trip. Seems like we are not the only girls having fun. This note from Sheila arrived this morning:

Last night we had a chapel dinner here at the Hangar. One of the little girls who came played downstairs all night. When her Mom went to get her, she told her Mom that the room in the basement was her FAVORITE room EVER and she wanted one just like it. We were blessed again....thanks to you and your team!!!

Thanks to all of you who participated, your contribution was important. And, praise God for a wonderful experience that allowed us to grow our faith, connect with people who both set an example for us and who we encouraged, and, for letting us see the results of the planning and work we all did!

Monday, August 30, 2010

People Pics


We had many projects and tasks to complete, but all in all, it is about the people. The people we are, the people we met, the people we all became.

Prayer Request:
  • Please help us continue to pray for those we met who put their lives on the line for us and our freedoms, as well as their families who stay behind and wait.

Kid's Playroom Before and After Pics

We had many proposed names for this room, I am not sure we settled on one, so it is now up to Sheila and Roger. Our two favorites were Stella in the Cella, and The Bunker. This is how we found the room. It had pieces we saved and changed. Deb and Tami washed everything in the room. Walls, ceiling and floor are cement. A lot of paint transformed the feel of the room.

Same corner. Furniture removed. See the new TV on the wall? There are plans for a lot of Wii playing.

Shot of the middle of the room and another corner.

It is now where Stella hangs out. Notice Kathy painted the ceiling white. It brightened the room a lot.

The third corner. The little table, the TV stand and the rug are gone.

The pews/benches were changed by painting them black and covering the cushions with green fabric. A few pillows were added in case someone wants to lie there and read. We left a hanging lamp for the electrician to install over the bench.

Two small cube storage units now hold books, paper, puzzles, and games. The three cork boards were added in case any budding artists feel the need to display artwork.

Here is Stella with her new hat.

The TV makes this wall the focus. The small wall was painted with black chalkboard paint.

The table was painted black and white polka dots. The two chairs became a fun and bright addition to the room.
Sheila checking out the new games and books.

Sheila meeting Stella.

Bridget gives Stella her hat. Stella also ended up with a scarf from our trip to France.

The couch was covered in black to match the room, cool purple zebra pillows added, and it was placed in front of the TV for comfortable Wii playing.

Green shaggy rugs on the floor warm up the room.

Sheila, take some pics of the kids playing in here and send them to us for the blog!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Before and After God Be in My Head Room

I called this a hospital room when we started. It lacked color and personality. But, it is a cute little room with a big window, its own sink, and a ceiling fan. Cheryl, Bridget and Karen stripped the wallpaper as the first step.

We added a definite color palette of turquoise, brown and some black to anchor it. The walls are cement and they have an interesting texture that we painted over.

We had a beautiful IKEA bed and an antique chair that we knew we would work with.

Brown quilt with brown and turquoise pillows on the black iron bed.

We added some Divine Design touches. These are three 12" x 12" artist canvases (bought on sale), covered with the same brown and turquoise fabric used for the pillows. Bridget used a staple gun to wrap the fabric around to the back and attach it.

These are the pillows that Dawn made with fabrics that we brought from home. We bought some IKEA pillow forms, brought one from the Divine Design home stash, and covered some old pillows we found in the basement at The Hangar. Thanks Blumenthal Lansing for the buttons!

This artist canvas was made with paint and decoupaged papers. It reflects the prayer/song we prayed before and during our mission trip. It gives the room its name.

Same fabric! Decoupaged to a plastic waste basket by Bridget. We love Mod Podge!
It was a simple 15 minute process that transformed and personalized it.

Reflecting the swirls on the bed, some handpainted swirls next to the doorway add an artist's personal touch.

Minimal work and expense completely transformed this room!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Hangar Day 6, Part One

We spent the day with some of the men and women from the base today. We covered three countries: Germany, Luxembourg, and France. Such world travelers! We drove a little over an hour to Metz, France to go to an antique market at the expo.

There were two buildings of stuff. Some was very interesting, some was unexplainable.

We were allowed to take a photo of this time traveler. Her husband was with her, and they were both darling.

Everyone was supremely bored at the antique market, but me. Poor kids.

After the market, we drove into Metz.

It is a pretty town with a canal running through it.

And we visited Metz Cathedral.

The stained glass is amazing.

And some was designed by Marc Chagall.

We found an outdoor cafe to our liking, there were many to choose. Bridget, Priscilla and Sheila, flirting with the waiter.

May May with Cheryl. The menu was in french, so we did the best interpretation that we could and ordered accordingly.

Karen, Marciala, and Whitney.

French salt and pepper. Exciting, right?

I had baked camembert. Interesting that they serve it with boiled potato. It was so good!

A bit of a walk around the city, a little shopping, some beignets, and off to Day 6, part two.....