Sunday, August 29, 2010

Before and After God Be in My Head Room

I called this a hospital room when we started. It lacked color and personality. But, it is a cute little room with a big window, its own sink, and a ceiling fan. Cheryl, Bridget and Karen stripped the wallpaper as the first step.

We added a definite color palette of turquoise, brown and some black to anchor it. The walls are cement and they have an interesting texture that we painted over.

We had a beautiful IKEA bed and an antique chair that we knew we would work with.

Brown quilt with brown and turquoise pillows on the black iron bed.

We added some Divine Design touches. These are three 12" x 12" artist canvases (bought on sale), covered with the same brown and turquoise fabric used for the pillows. Bridget used a staple gun to wrap the fabric around to the back and attach it.

These are the pillows that Dawn made with fabrics that we brought from home. We bought some IKEA pillow forms, brought one from the Divine Design home stash, and covered some old pillows we found in the basement at The Hangar. Thanks Blumenthal Lansing for the buttons!

This artist canvas was made with paint and decoupaged papers. It reflects the prayer/song we prayed before and during our mission trip. It gives the room its name.

Same fabric! Decoupaged to a plastic waste basket by Bridget. We love Mod Podge!
It was a simple 15 minute process that transformed and personalized it.

Reflecting the swirls on the bed, some handpainted swirls next to the doorway add an artist's personal touch.

Minimal work and expense completely transformed this room!

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