Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Hangar Day 6, Part Deux

On the way home from Metz, we stopped in Luxembourg for a quick visit to the American Cemetery Memorial. This cemetery is reminiscent of the ones in Normandy and Arlington. There is an American part and a German part. Thousands of men were killed in the attempt to take Germany.

These are the military kids that were with us today. We are proud of them, so young and very dedicated.

It is very quiet and the memorials are beautiful. It is touching just to be in that space and think about the young men who were sacrificed for us and for the world.

The crosses and stars of David are simple.

General George Patton is buried there. It is interesting that he was a 4 star general and yet his grave marking is exactly the same as the privates buried there. He wanted to be buried with his men.

Of course, the 10 minutes we were out of the car, it was downpouring rain.

We all pitched in for some last day projects and cleaning. Home tomorrow!

Prayer requests:
  • safe travel tomorrow
  • please pray for the kids we met while here


  1. Kim, I've been out of town the first part of this week and working at a Beth Moore Convention the second part. I just finished reading all your blogs for the week and as usual, it was awesome. The part about General Patton was a surprise as I didn't know he was burried there. Loved the picture of the church and castle and the work being done and your adopted pilot and of course all of them. Can't wait to see the finished products. Your team's work is so amazing and I really admire all that you do for God's people. Love you all. Barbara

  2. Oh, and last but not least, I'm praying for safe travel home.