Friday, August 27, 2010

The Hangar Day 4.5

Yesterday, the girls had a special treat at lunchtime. Our new friend Priscilla arranged for them to get on the AFBase.

Priscilla. She already has a special place in our hearts and God is prompting us to pray for her. She can lift more weight while squatting than the boys in her squadron. That keeps them from messing with her too much. That is not the reason we are praying for her. Just like in Top Gun, each member of the squadron has a nickname. The boys have given her the name Altoids. Because she is curiously strong.

Priscilla in her A10. How cool!

Priscilla got clearance for the girls to not only see her plane but to get in it. That just does not happen! What an amazing opportunity for the girls.

A10 pilot wannabees....

Prayer request:
- Please join us in praying for Priscilla. She has huge responsibilities on base and is separated from her squadron.

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