Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Look at Our Rooms

We have photos from Sheila of the rooms we will be working in when we are at The Hangar. There are several small bedrooms. Room #1. Looks a little bit like a hospital room.

The other side of room #1. Do you love that bed???

Room #2.

Room #3. Nice rug, we will use it as the room centerpiece.
The rooms are nice, maybe they just could use a little color.

This room is in the basement and our challenge is to turn it into a playroom for kids. It looks like it is a good size. It could probably use some color and some kid stuff.

Could be a fun game room, don't you think? With the addition of some shelves or storage space...and games and puzzles and books!

Prayer needs:
  • That we will raise our support quickly and get our airline tickets paid for.
  • We will book several bead soup parties from our first party tomorrow night.
  • Team unity.
Thank you all!

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